Swedish Massage 

Swedish Massage is the most common form of  Massage Therapy, using long gliding strokes to reduce stress and improve muscle tone. If it's your first time receiving bodywork or you don't get massage often Swedish massage is perfect for you! Benefits  include generalized relaxation, improved circulation, reduced swelling and anxiety. 
       60 minutes- $70       
            90 Minutes-$100            

Deep Tissue 

Deep tissue is a technique used to relieve chronic tension and pain in the body through slow short strokes and deep firm pressure.

Unlike classic Swedish Massage Therapy, which is used for relaxation, deep tissue massage is more treatment oriented and focuses in on a concentrated area. This allows the therapist to work on a slower deeper level to address multiple layers of musculature and break up any adhesions or "knots" you may have.


 60 Minutes- $80 

90 Minutes-$115

Salt of the Earth  Ritual 

Allow our therapists to tempt your senses and take you on a scent journey with our Salt of the Earth ritual, where you customize your own scent and skin boosters for your treatment. This includes a Creamy Scrub to exfoliate and smooth skin, Mineral Mud made from kaolin and bentonite with a thermal powder booster  for a warming sensation. Mineral Cream to hydrate the skin.  Finish with our Fire and Ice gel, that targets and relieves pain and tension in  problematic areas .

 Scent options

Cabana Boy 

Stress Less

Cabarenet & Neroli               

Mobile Service

Bring the Spa to you!

Enjoy a therapeutic on site massage in the comfort of your home or office. Your massage therapist will arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment with all the supplies and tools needed to bring you a onsite spa experience.

*All services are completely therapeutic and sexual advances will result in full payment due and legal action*